2020 challenged our team, our clients, our partners and our community more than any other year.

That said, each week, around every corner there was resilience, grit, determination, kindness and understanding. Our community pulled together and worked together to make the best of every difficult situation and found ways to get things done despite the many obstacles.

We were reminded of how important sports are in our lives. Sports bring us together unlike much else—a place to train, prepare, sacrifice and overcome. In victory and defeat, sports offer us a space to come together. These are the stories our team thrives in telling.

We celebrated the major milestone of 10 years of Jack Porter in May. We marked the occasion with door drop cupcakes and distanced Zoom happy hour.  Huge thanks to our talented team, our dedicated partners, and our amazing clients for 10 years of making where matter!

And we covered some geography—from California to Florida, Texas to New York, Virginia to Michigan and many states in between. Technology helped us stay connected, and our project managers, designers, and production crew crafted experiences for football operations, club spaces, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, an all-sport performance center, a hall of history and an alumni center.

The JP team is stronger than ever heading into 2021. We’re continuing to add to our firepower to help make your visions a reality through high-impact, innovative experience design. We can’t wait to serve you in the New Year.

Jack Porter 2020 In Photos