Everyone loves the gear.

Players live in it. Recruits envision themselves in it. Fans crave it. So obviously, when we’re designing a facility, we look for opportunities to showcase it.

The gear provided to and worn by college athletes has become a big part of the student-athlete experience. With the ever increasing amount of branded apparel worn by  athletes both on and off the field, it’s no wonder that most college athletic programs now look to proudly feature their custom-designed threads in eye-catching gear displays. 

So how can a program level up its gear display to stand out?

That was the question we faced at University of Louisville’s Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex, and a question we’ve come up against for a number of programs. 

The answer is to use the gear as a vehicle to tell that program’s unique story.

In the case of Louisville Football, we pitched the idea of replicating Lamar Jackson’s iconic “Heisman moment” leap to showcase Louisville’s latest Adidas threads. It’s a moment and a story that’s uniquely Louisville. And it’s this moment and this story that sets Louisville’s uniform showcase apart from every other gear display in college football. 

Lamar’s leap was carefully studied so that every detail could be fully captured in a customized mannequin—freezing the exact jaw-dropping moment that left fans on both sides of the stadium cheering and helped bring the Heisman home to Louisville for the first time in the program’s history. 

The complete display is central to the entire Schnellenberger Football Complex  experience and conveys the intensity of Louisville Football from the moment you walk through the front doors. The custom mannequin of Lamar, paired with figures that represent the strength and speed of the team, stand atop a dynamic tiered base whose angles, lighting, and textured panels tie into the architecture and highlight the Cards’ favorite Adidas gameday looks. 

Go Cards! Check out the full Schnellenberger Football Complex case study.

What story transforms your gear display into a wow worthy moment you can’t wait to share with recruits, players and fans?

You already know your program’s gear is more than brands, helmets, shoes, and gloves. So how can that gear highlight your history? Showcase a moment? Speak to recruits? Engage fans? 

At Jack Porter, we help you discover and tell your program’s compelling stories to create experiences that ignite the passion of players, recruits, donors, alumni, and fans. If you need help transforming your gear into an unforgettable experience, we’d love to help.

If you’re ready to make something awesome together, let’s start a conversation.