Benchmarking 101: How do your football facilities measure up?

Benchmarking your football facilities against those of competing schools is an important step in ensuring your program remains competitive and attractive to athletes, coaches, and recruits.

Almost every athletic administrator should make it a regular practice to tour other facilities, especially just prior to the launch of a capital campaign. You need to constantly benchmark your facilities against your competitors to try to find any edge in recruiting because recruiting is king!

From the blue bloods to the new bloods, every head coach desires to have their own space solely dedicated to training, feeding, and taking care of the most elite athletes in the world. These players must be developed properly in order to win championships.

Standalone football facilities have become the standard in college football. Having a facility where players and staff can thrive is critical to hiring great coaches and recruiting talent.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively benchmark your football facilities: