Benchmarking 101: How do your football facilities measure up?

Benchmarking your football facilities against those of competing schools is an important step in…

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Recruiting, Retention and Recreation: Making More Meaningful Spaces for your players

In the fiercely competitive world of college athletics, creating meaningful player spaces has…

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It’s Reveal Season!

What’s more exciting than football season being right around the corner? Reveal season! It’s…

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Boost Your Facility’s Visibility and Add Value With Inspiring Photo Opps for Social Media

Today’s generation of student-athletes utilizes social media like never before. It is a complete…

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University of Michigan Alumni Association Interactive Installation

Leveraging Technology and Innovative Design to Make a Lasting First Impression

Whether designing a football hall of fame or a corporate innovation center, the key to an…

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Clemson Athletics Branding Institute

How Clemson Brought an Agency Vibe to the Nation’s First Branding Center for Student Athletes

When the NCAA adopted new rules allowing student athletes to earn money from their name, image and…

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Oral Roberts University's Athletic Center Focal Wall with dimensional logo

Oral Roberts University’s Mike Carter Athletic Center: Setting a New Standard

With its men's basketball team fresh off two NCAA Tournament wins and a Sweet 16 appearance, Oral…

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Design Team Collaborates at a Discovery Session

How the Discovery Phase Unlocks Your Facility’s Full Potential

If you want to make the most out of your next facility or space design project, undergoing a…

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How a Hum-Drum Club Space at Cardinal Stadium Became a Crown Jewel of Louisville

The University of Louisville came to Jack Porter with big dreams. Cardinal Stadium had 18,000…

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Virginia Tech FB x Jack Porter

The Roanoke Times covered our partnership with Virginia Tech Football on a renovated player lounge…

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