Not every collegiate athletic program has the luxury of embarking on a new $100+ million facility project. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with a dated look or functionality in your existing facility.

You also shouldn’t be frightened at the prospect of transforming your space into something fresh and modern with a limited vision and budget. The team at Jack Porter is well-versed in bringing new life into a space and bringing intentional vision through the design process for these specific types of projects.

Facilitating a building renovation for existing, dated facilities has challenges from both a design and a production perspective. While there are often unseen and unknown hurdles, these projects force new types of “design thinking” and creative solutions and can deliver the most fulfilling outcomes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common challenges we’ve encountered on existing, aging facilities and how our approach to design and implementation consistently overcomes them.

Discover Untapped Potential Within Your Existing Space

Older facilities present a host of limitations and challenges, but with the right vision, creativity, and a sense of possibility, they also pose a variety of opportunities.

There may be constraints, but that doesn’t demand restraint. Far from it.

Whether you need to transform your space to accommodate a new use, create new energy for your brand, generate new experiences, or attract and retain recruits, you can achieve all of the above with a thoughtful, inspired renovation on a reasonable budget.

We work with you to uncover the hidden talent your facility always had and lead it to a come-from-behind victory. Here’s how:

Take Stock of Your Current Situation and Identify Your Goals

If you’re reading this, you likely already have an idea that your facility could use a little something. Or a lot of something. But you need to dive a little deeper to get a better handle on exactly what that means.

First, evaluate the cohesive journey of how your existing players, staff, media, recruits, and others are using your space. How are they moving through it? How are they encountering and experiencing your brand? What’s missing?

This “journey” needs a clear, coordinated focus, and it should feel that it is authentically representing and communicating your brand at every turn. If it feels dated, incomplete, messy, hodge-podge or stale to you, it 100% will feel that way to your audiences.

Jack Porter works with you in our discovery process and by walking through your space with you to identify what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be done to put your brand at the forefront of every user experience.

Jack Porter helped the Seminoles elevate and modernize the suite entrance and connecting corridors.

Your facilities speak louder about your program than almost anything else. We make them say what needs to be said.

Develop a Long-Range, Comprehensive Vision

Any renovation should fit into a broader context, no matter how extensive. Nothing should be piecemeal, hodge-podge or slapped together. Your brand and your program are too valuable.

So whenever you are adding branding, telling a story, installing graphics or providing experiences, they should work in concert and deliver a consistent message and lasting impression.

If you are intentional in setting out the vision and experience mapping on the front end, the final outcome will feel seamless while elevating your brand and specific program beyond what you expected.

Even comparatively smaller renovations should fit into a larger, phased program that considers potentially larger projects and bigger budgets down the road. It’s like renovating your home room by room or level by level. You need a vision for how they will work together in future phases.

A multi-phased approach has been utilized to energize and unify the brand experience in Duke Football’s Yoh Football Center.

Even Your Most Dated Facilities Can Find New Life

Don’t get hung up thinking the status quo is as far as you can go.

Engaging with Jack Porter for some initial visioning can help you see how your space can be transformed, and those designs can be used to go out and raise more capital. Let us walk with you and collaborate to bring new energy to your space.

Just as you would look to hire a new head coach with a track record of success to come in and transform your program, Jack Porter comes with a track record of taking spaces like yours to the next level. If you’d like to arrange a free consultation, we’d love to hear from you.

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