The Challenge

When Duke University Football welcomed Coach Mike Elko in 2022, the Blue Devils turned the page on a fresh new chapter. As a seasoned leader, the new head coach brought his unique vision and style to the program. With a firm belief in the power of positive momentum, Coach Elko sought a partner to amplify his message. The ultimate goal was to elevate the overall football experience by bringing to life a shared mission and unmistakable culture.

Achieving Harmony

Opened in 2002, the original facility had experienced periodic and piecemeal updates, and had over time become complex and disjointed. It could not compete for recruits at the Power Five or ACC level. Our task was to create a modern and premium aesthetic while working with the original building structure. Heavy CMU walls were swapped with sheetrock and reimagined in Duke's iconic blue and white colors, subtly echoing the essence of the team.

Amping up the Hype

Player’s spaces were the priority for this three phase project. Phase one centered on the hype tunnel. Coach Elko was eager to harness the power of social media. We dreamed up a post-worthy space steeped in Blue Devil spirit. Deep blue walls are lined with bright white lights that flash in sequence, illuminating the path to the field. The team erupts onto the field through a gothic arch complete with wrought iron gate, a force that cannot be contained.

Pivotal Passageways

Phase two focused on the player corridor, a pivotal link between the weight room, locker room, and hype tunnel. This conduit echoes the team's essence, incorporating design elements such as the Iron D, inspirational quote, and retro Blue Devil branding. Larger-than-life images of players in moments of intensity and victory convey a compelling narrative of determination and success.

The Best of Both Worlds

Phase three involved highlighting players’ success on and off the field. An interactive digital interface invites visitors to engage with the stories of NFL greats and entrepreneurial leaders who got their start with the program. Common spaces throughout the facility feature key elements, like images of bowl wins and inspirational quotes, that bring tangibility to the promise of success.

The Impact

Duke’s renewed investment in the student-athlete experience is generating positive momentum with current athletes and recruits alike. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. For each project Jack Porter takes on, we create a unique approach that fits the needs of the team. Collaborating with program leadership allows us to develop a cohesive vision that players and fans can rally behind for years to come.

Future Phases

Highly-anticipated future enhancements include a new locker room, players’ lounge, and recruiting lounge.