The Challenge

Looking to maximize recruiting opportunities and provide top-tier experiences for players, West Virginia Football invested in significant upgrades to the Milan Puskar Center to gives them a best-in-class competitive edge.

With Power 5 programs across the country leveling up their facilities, the competition for recruits is fierce. With this in mind, Mountaineer Football partnered with Jack Porter and architects The S/L/A/M Collaborative on a 85,700 SF expansion and renovation at the Milan Puskar Center. The facility upgrades include state-of-the-art player development areas, unforgettable recruiting highlights, and the impressive West Virginia Football Hall of Traditions.

The challenge for the Jack Porter team came in telling West Virginia Football’s many stories throughout the large facility. Coach Neal Brown wanted to convey the forward-focused culture and the program values throughout the Center, wowing recruits and encouraging student-athletes to reach for the next level on and off the field.

How We Helped

Recruiting Environments

Branded Environments

Technology Integration 

Content Strategy 
The Strategy

To make sure every space and message was addressed, our design team strategically planned out brand moments, graphics and displays along player and recruiting paths throughout the Milan Puskar Center. The fresh, modern design motifs were cohesively blended with S/L/A/M’s architectural designs, and graphic inspiration was drawn from the school’s geography, tradition and personality. 

Players First

Student-athlete development was top of mind in creating a home for Mountaineer Football's team. Players past and present are honored, the game day experience celebrated, and core values are brought to life.

Rich Tradition, Future Focus

The Mountaineer’s story is told throughout the facility’s corridors. Bold branding, vivid color, and clean lines bring a clean, contemporary feel to the showcase of legendary players, unforgettable victories, and off-the-field accomplishments.

Building Hype

Share worthy, “Instagrammable” moments can infuse the swagger of a program into one unique, memorable photo op that can be captured and shared on social media by recruits, connecting them to the university. WVU’s share-worthy hype wall provides an edgy backdrop for photo shoots and selfies with its gold and blue LED lights, asymmetrical charcoal black panels, and the famous “flying WV.” 

The Impact

West Virginia Football’s Milan Puskar Center is now a competitive Power 5 facility that above all else tells players and recruits “Welcome Home—you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.”