Whether designing a football hall of fame or a corporate innovation center, the key to an innovative and impactful space is an audience centered approach. The success of these environments hinges on understanding user groups, their interaction with space, and the messages these areas should communicate.

Balancing diverse stakeholder opinions, perspectives, and goals is integral to crafting the perfect interior space that caters to its users. In this brief video, Jack Porter partner and creative director, Danny Stemann, explains why it’s so important for colleges, universities and corporations to strike the perfect tone in their alumni and welcome centers.

Designed to Engage Visitors: University of South Carolina and West Virginia Hall of Traditions

For the University of South Carolina, Jack Porter sought to create a space that could serve as a comfortable “home” for the alumni association. The design encapsulated Southern Elegance and sought to express the university’s vibrant momentum.

The space aimed to appeal to both potential future students and proud alumni, thus serving as a unique recruiting tool. Similarly, the West Virginia Hall of Traditions, situated near the stadium, was designed as an accessible space for recruits and game-day fans, adding to the rich tapestry of shared experiences.

Strong First Impressions: Dodge Industrial’s New Corporate Headquarters

For Dodge Industrial’s new corporate headquarters, Jack Porter focused on creating a striking first impression. The grand lobby boasts a sizable video component that enables customization of messaging, addressing different user groups like potential clients and recruits. This technological integration highlights the brand’s pride and ambition to represent itself impressively.

Using Tech to Tell a Story: University of Michigan Alumni Association

A unique challenge faced at the University of Michigan was representing one of the largest alumni associations in the country. Here, Jack Porter devised an interactive touch table with a projection map, creating an engaging, artful display of the extensive alumni network.

As users interact with the table, tiny white lights gradually form the iconic “M” for Michigan University. Each light represents an alumni and depicts the institution’s growing network and impressive history. At the same time, the installation looks toward the future and how technology can enhance user interaction and storytelling.

Technology as a Game-Changer in Interior Spaces

For Jack Porter, technology is no longer an optional extra but a crucial element of modern interior design. Customization, dynamic updates, and deeper engagement opportunities are all made possible through technology, transforming static displays into adaptable and ever-relevant spaces.

For colleges, universities and corporations looking to get the biggest return on investment in their alumni centers and welcome spaces, this integration of technology is even more critical. It allows the creation of lasting, deep connections with user groups in spaces designed to evolve with the people who inhabit them.