The Challenge

The Clemson Tigers have called Littlejohn Coliseum home for over 50 years. The circa 1968 structure has been well-loved by generations of students, athletes, alumni and fans who come to see the Tigers play. However, after 5 decades of service, the time had come for substantial improvements in order to keep pace with its ACC peers. In 2016, the facility underwent a major interior and exterior renovation led by architectural team AECOM Sports/LS3P to modernize the facility and deliver a highly engaging and energetic sports environment.

College athletics is all about passion. That’s one of the things we wanted to do in this building, is talk about the heart, the family atmosphere that we have here at Clemson, the passion that our fans have exhibited for generations. We wanted to make sure that we could tell that story.

Dan Radakovich

Clemson University Athletic Director

The Strategy

Working closely with Clemson and the architectural design team, Jack Porter developed a comprehensive experiential design program that included wayfinding and enhancements to both the fan and student athlete experience. With significant upgrades to the concourse and the rotation of the seating bowl, new wayfinding was essential to the visitor experience. Our team implemented a strategy that leveraged the architectural surfaces of the building for a clean and integrated system that minimized the need for obstructive signage. In addition to the directional signage, large murals activate the four corner super-vomitories, helping orient visitors and establish a sense of place. And while visitors now experience modern finishes and amenities throughout the coliseum, the bones of the building contain over 50 years of basketball history. To pay homage to this rich history, Jack Porter incorporated a series of displays honoring the “Littlejohn Legends” throughout the main concourse.

Defining Place

The "super-voms" at the 4 corners of the concourse set themselves as the perfect opportunities to help orient visitors in the space while also infusing Tiger spirit.

Littlejohn Legends

Stories of past Clemson greats are woven throughout the concourse as a reminder of the rich history of the building.

A New Home

Beyond the renovation of the existing Littlejohn footprint, the project also included the addition of the 13,000sf Swan Pavilion. Home to both men’s and women’s basketball operations, the Swan Pavilion is often the first stop for recruiting visits. Jack Porter gave careful consideration to the recruiting path throughout the space and developed graphics and displays that maximized brand messaging and instilled Tiger pride.

The Impact

Clemson now has one of the premier venues in the ACC, and a facility that puts on full display the school’s vision and commitment to Tiger basketball.

“Jack Porter is able to pull an idea together when their client gives them a smattering of information. I’d really like it to look nice. I’d like it to have some pop. I’d really like it to have some action and movement associated with it. Jack Porter is able to discern that information and really take it to heart and make it come alive.”

– Dan Radakovich, Clemson University Athletic Director