Project Details

Clemson University has been actively expanding its women’s sports programs in recent years. In 2021, the university proudly announced the additions of Women’s Lacrosse and Gymnastics as varsity sports, further diversifying its athletic resources and opportunities for female student-athletes, and in 2022 broke ground on a Women’s Sports Expansion project. This more than 30,000 square foot complex overlooking Lake Hartwell encompasses a training and competition facility dedicated exclusively to Women’s Lacrosse, a cutting-edge training facility for Women’s Gymnastics, and an Athlete Recovery Center (ARC) at the forefront of sports science, nutrition, and medicine. Clemson University along with project partners, HNTB and Garvin Design Group worked with Jack Porter to design spaces that seamlessly blend with the university’s existing athletic facilities while allowing each new program to build its own identity in the Clemson brand. Furthermore, the design thoughtfully incorporates the university’s scenic landscape and promotes community engagement, fostering a sense of pride and connection among student, athletes, and local residents.

Women’s Lacrosse

The cutting-edge 9,000 square foot operations complex stands as a pioneering achievement for the university being the first stand-alone women’s lacrosse facility in the country. The facility features the team locker room and lounge, coaches offices, team meeting room, nutrition area, athletic training room, and hype tunnel. Jack Porter designed spaces that are contemporary and clean, using a modern palette of light wood and cool tones complimented by the Tiger’s vivid brand color palette to bring Head Coach, Allison Kwolek’s, vision to life. This facility is a testament to Clemson’s commitment to excellence by providing Clemson Women’s Lacrosse with the best experience in the county and setting a new standard for women’s lacrosse programs nationwide.

Women’s Gymnastics

Spanning an impressive 21,000 square feet, this state-of-the-art operations center is the hub of day-to-day operations for Clemson Women’s gymnastics featuring the team locker room and lounge, practice gym, offices, and training room. Jack Porter helped bring Head Coach Amy Smith's vision to life by designing spaces that are flashy, innovative, and set a unique tone for the program's brand. The bold embrace of Clemson’s secondary color, purple, infuses the spaces with a distinctive flair crafting an environment that reinforces the new program’s brand identity.

Athlete Recovery Center

The Athlete Recovery Center (ARC) is a space dedicated to sports science, nutrition and sports medicine, offering a world-class experience for female athletes at the university. Overlooking the scenic Lake Hartwell, the center’s design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape that enhances the Clemson brand, but does not take away from the tone focused on calmness and recovery throughout the space. Every aspect of the center was purposefully designed to promote tranquility and facilitate optimal recovery for student-athletes, ensuring they can perform at their highest potential.