The Challenge

Florida State University takes pride in their Seminole Heritage with a long legacy of winning in college football and a shared history that runs deep. In 2019, the launch of the “Unconquered” campaign set an ultimate goal to raise $100mm for improvements in athletic facilities and to help restore FSU football to its former glory. With the largest number of living alumni in the ACC, Vice President and Director of Athletics, Michael Alford, made it a top priority to increase the total number of donors to the school’s annual fund. FSU Athletics envisioned creating a facility that taps into that shared history—an exciting and engaging space to stir fan emotions, generate enthusiasm among boosters, and serve as a catalyst for fundraising and recruiting.

We use it to recruit donors, and the tie-in has just been a one of a kind difference maker for all of us. And the story that it’s told of our program, nobody does it better than Jack Porter.

Michael Alford

Vice President and Director of Athletics
Florida State University

The Strategy

The project involved extensive renovations to an underutilized event space donated by boosters. Working with essentially a “blank slate,” Jack Porter’s designers attentively planned the interior space with a warm and rich mood to take visitors on an enriching and interactive journey through the program’s prideful history and traditions.

At the end of the legacy walk, invitation-only guests are guided through an experience room where the use of technology merges the history and the future of FSU football into a truly unique and incredible fan experience. Though it remains under wraps to the general public, the exclusive presentation speaks to every booster’s heart, and everyone who gets to experience it comes away impressed.

Legacy Walk

A combination of graphics, memorabilia, and interactive screens were used to walk guests through a timeline from the birth of the program on to some of its proudest achievements – including legendary coaches, players, and championships.

Fear the Spear

An exclusive experience room was designed to immerse donors, recruits, and more in one of the most historic Seminole game day traditions at Doak Campbell Stadium.

The Impact

The Preview Center has allowed for FSU Athletics to showcase their vision for the program with recruits and donors while simultaneously highlighting its historic success. It has aided the Seminole Boosters to increase the number of donors contributing to the school’s annual fund from 9,000 to more than 12,000 and achieve their ultimate goal of raising $100mm for the Unconquered campaign.