The Challenge

The University of Georgia’s track and field program has a storied history of success. When it had the opportunity to build a locker room exclusively for its men’s and women’s track teams, new head coach Caryl Smith Gilbert wanted the facility to make a major impact. “When they’re out there competing, I want them to be rebels,” she said, “and I wanted the locker room to define the culture of what we’re doing here.”

The university’s track and field program inherited 17,500 square feet in a space that was previously used by the school’s football team. Its location next to the track made it an ideal spot for a new locker and lounge space for track and field athletes.

Coach Smith Gilbert wanted the space to ooze with confidence, speed and gravitas. The facility needed to be as impressive as the program’s history to help attract top recruits while providing areas for athletes to relax, recover and succeed.

The Strategy

Partnering closely with the SLAM architecture firm, Jack Porter aimed to take this space to the next level. The project team and UGA sought to raise the bar for track and field facilities. And Jack Porter was up to the challenge.

To make the space feel more edgy and rebellious, Jack Porter developed designs with bold color palettes, darker tones and dynamic angles. UGA track and field team logos adorned the ceilings and floors. Dramatic and dynamic lighting provided the space energy.

Large format imagery showcases the most successful historic track team members as well as the recent arrivals who are making an impact today. The fusion of past and present creates a powerful message.

The signature brand moment is in the lobby where you are met with a bold brand moment backed by dimensional angled texture and the stunning gloss red Nike gear display. From the start you know that you are entering a dynamic, rebellious space, built for speed.

Track and Field Lobby

The Players' Lounge

Locker Room and Mudroom

Champions Corridor and Nutrition Station

The Results

At the grand opening, the reception was immediately enthusiastic. Athletes were all over social media with photos and videos from their new digs.

Athletes and coaches finally had the locker room facility that reflected their desire to be one of the nation’s leading track and field programs.