The Challenge

In 2019, after years of sharing training facilities with multiple sports, Notre Dame Football moved into its own state of the art space for the first time. The new facility offered breathtaking architecture that fit seamlessly into the existing campus, but there was still great opportunity to incorporate the powerful Notre Dame brand into the environment. 

Notre Dame.

Feature one

Change the color to match your brand or vision.

Feature two

Change the color to match your brand or vision.

Feature three

Change the color to match your brand or vision.

Feature four

Change the color to match your brand or vision.

The Strategy

A key to the experience for visitors to the facility was a bold first impression in the lobby. Upon entry to the facility, visitors and players are greeted with the iconic “Play Like a Champion Today” sign, serving as a key social media photo-op for recruits. Leading to the new recruiting lounge is a staircase embedded with the rich history and tradition that defines the Notre Dame experience. Lighted dimensional letters set against black painted glass contribute to the bold, yet sophisticated, tone of the space. Throughout the facility’s practice areas are banners that integrate seamlessly with the beautiful architecture, recognizing Notre Dame’s 11 National Championships and bowl game success.  

A Bold First Impression

A combination of bold branding, historical storytelling, and a custom lighting feature establish the tone for visiting recruits.

An Icon Reimaged

The iconic "Play Like a Champion Today" sign is recreated as chunky dimensional lettering set against the signature helmet chrome gold panels. The display serves as the perfect instagram-able background for visitors.

Excellence On Display

The Irish's unrivaled bowl history is displayed along the viewing deck for maximum impact.

The Impact

Clear messaging, sharp showcasing of the Notre Dame brand, and a seamless blend of old and new has led to an indoor practice facility rivaling the best in the business, and will serve as a cornerstone for recruits and athletes for generations to come.