Project Details

In 2021, Furman University renovated and expanded the Men’s and Women’s Basketball office, operations and team spaces within Timmons Arena. The goal of the project was to create a cohesive experience that represented Furman basketball and allowed for each program’s culture to shine through. The revamped facility boasts redesigned team meeting rooms and a new main lobby, as well as new office suites, lounges, and locker rooms.

Men's Basketball

For the men's basketball team, the goal was to showcase players’ development through the program and their essential role in the biggest moments in program history. The sweeping “Program Firsts” and “All Din” drive home these inspirational messages.

Women's Basketball

For the women’s basketball team, it was all about visual impact and delivering on the “Be Distinct” mantra, an acronym for the team’s core values. Bright silver and chrome detailing make branding pop and reflect the team’s standout style. The result is an elevated, modern and unified space that celebrates Furman basketball and allows opportunities to grow and evolve with each program.