The Challenge

Significant renovations to the Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex provided the opportunity to elevate this facility to reflect the bold, aggressive and cutting edge brand of Louisville Football.

The Strategy

Jack Porter teamed up with the Louisville Football staff and administration to develop an innovative design strategy that would include bold, cutting edge spaces to impress recruits and a best-in-class experience in which current players could take pride. 

After gathering extensive insights on the Louisville Cardinal brand, our team presented designs rooted in inventive forms inspired by the Cardinal, layered motion, focused messaging and powerful photography. The visual palette is sleek and intense.

A Bold First Impression

The Atrium serves as the front door to the Louisville Football program. Sleek metallic panels transform the full two-story space into a custom Cardinal wing sculpture, creating a dynamic and impressive start to the recruiting path experience.

Rendering to Reality

NFL Corridor

Continuing the holistic recruiting experience, the complex’s central corridor showcases the Cardinals’ rich NFL lineage, highlighting first rounders in the NFL draft, all time list of NFL players, and incorporates the program’s core values.

Locker Room

Branding, lighting, and technology bring intensity into this gameday space with custom endcaps and digital displays to create an immersive “hyped” experience.

The Impact

The Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex now captures the heart, spirit, and tradition that encompasses Louisville Football. Recruits, players, and visitors alike who enter this facility experience more than just an impressive, modern football operations facility; they experience the ever growing story of Louisville Football.