The Challenge

Powerful brands tell powerful stories, and powerful stories attract world-class recruits. The University of Miami’s football program set out on a mission to redesign their Hecht Athletic Center in a way that would bring their powerful and iconic brand to life.

The Strategy

With a reputation for swagger, a renowned location immersed in South Florida culture, and a resume filled with some of the most defined personalities in the NCAA, the Miami Hurricane story needed to be told with a well-crafted approach that paid homage to their unique brand of college football.

The redesigned team and position meeting rooms showcase a mural depicting all time program legends, recognizing dozens of esteemed former players while maintaining a sharp, clean look. On display in the refreshed lobby is the now famous Miami turnover chain, which leads into a distinct recruiting hallway, using a blend of tech and design to showcase the five national titles that Miami has won in an unprecedented way, with high impact uplit graphics and millwork track lighting leading the viewer towards a fog projection screen.

Entering the Matrix

To highlight the sheer volume of Hurricane players in the League, a "Matrix" inspired portal was created with so that users were enveloped on all sides by NFL greats.

Street Art Sebastian

Cleat culture and South Florida flavor converged when street artist and U graduate Cushy Gigs was contracted by the university to paint the iconic Sebastian the Ibis on a canvas composed entirely of the leather uppers of Adidas cleats.

The Impact

Miami Football now has a space unlike any other, using technology, strong design, and their powerful brand to tell a story that recruits won’t be soon to forget.