Now, more than ever,
it’s not about sports, it’s about stories.

If there is anything that this time away from sports has taught us, it is the value of experiences and people. Sports are powerful, they bring us together. Student-athletes, coaches, leadership and fans are all united in different ways by sport. The training, the preparation, the strategy and the resulting triumphs and great stories, are embedded in our culture.

As we prepare to have student-athletes, coaches, leadership and fans returning to our venues, there is an opportunity to make sure we are creating the best possible experience. Let’s create experiences that can’t be had at home. Let’s create experiences that teams are excited to return to, that build culture and celebrate legacy.

Now more than ever, it is critical to leverage what you have. Jack Porter can help you and your team to ensure you are making the most of your facility, helping you allocate dollars to the most impactful places and ensuring that your facility reflects your program.