The Challenge

Known for setting the standard in collegiate athletic facilities, Clemson University once again set the bar high when, in 2019, they broke ground on a new operations complex solely dedicated to their men’s and women’s soccer programs.

This soccer-specific complex is one of the nation’s finest and provides Clemson’s student-athletes with all of the resources and technology necessary for training and competing at an elite level.

The challenge came in harmonizing the Tigers’ desire to take visual inspiration from Europe’s sleek soccer training facilities yet still remain true to Clemson’s bold brand.


The Jack Porter team worked closely with both Clemson staff and project architects to create a state-of-the-art space that would embody the stories of the soccer programs’ success and inspire the next generation of elite-level athletes.

Throughout the facility a modern palette of bright whites and carefully applied branding blends the spirit of Clemson with an aesthetic reminiscent of world-class European soccer club facilities.

An Impressive Welcome

The impactful entry welcomes players and staff with a celebration of Clemson Soccer’s history of success. This celebration continues throughout the entire facility with each program’s accomplishments on full display in trophy cases, gear displays, pro jersey exhibits and more.

Lockers, Lounges + Meeting Spaces

Locker room, lounge, and meeting room designs were customized to best fit each program’s needs and personality. Both locker rooms allow for easy access to and from practice fields, and the lounges provide a space for student-athletes to relax, decompress and hangout.


The Clemson Soccer Operations Complex is a premier soccer facility that is unlike any other. While it’s common for collegiate soccer programs to share space with other sports, Clemson’s Soccer Operations Complex presents a unique recruiting edge aiding in the development of an unrivaled program and a powerful future for their teams.