The Challenge

College baseball powerhouse, the University of Arkansas, wanted to build the best performance center in collegiate baseball—a facility on the cutting edge of athletic training. The new center would also highlight the honor and traditions of Razorback baseball to players and fans alike, and demonstrate the school’s commitment to student-athlete development to recruits and their families. Jack Porter coordinated with project architects HKS and WER to bring the vision to life and raise the bar in college baseball.

How We Helped

Fan Experience

Branded Environments

Exhibition Design

Technology Integration 

Interactive Displays 

Content Strategy 
The Strategy

Taking a deep dive into the baseball program’s history was the key to branding this massive space and presenting the team’s story in unique and engaging ways. A classic baseball aesthetic and bold brand colors mingle with modern materials and technologies throughout the 49,000 sq. ft. complex—which houses an improved and expanded locker room, team meeting rooms, and state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facilities. 

The center’s lobby is a monument to the program’s championship legacy. Images and displays of past glory adorn the space, including a trophy stand where fans can take selfies and interactive video presentations that recount the team’s storied accomplishments. In the players’ lounge, vintage brand marks combined with wood and raw steel finishes provide an old-school contrast with the lobby’s gleaming metal and glass fixtures.

The Champions Lobby

The Norm DeBriyn Champions Lobby allows fans and recruits to get up close and personal with the historic 10 College World Series trophies. The interactive centerpiece allows visitors to trigger CWS stories on the big screen or even take a selfie with the iconic trophies.

Old School meets New School

The players' areas merge vintage brand marks with clean modern lines, while the raw steel and wood finishes speak to the gritty spirit of the program.

Razorback Strength

The facility's training and recovery areas employ the latest in sports science and technology, while also providing massive canvases for the brand to shine.

The Impact

The University of Arkansas wanted the best baseball facility in the country, a center befitting the school’s track record of success. The client was open to expanding their vision as to what “the best” could truly encompass, and now their program and fans can enjoy a comprehensive branded experience that speaks to both the history and the future of Razorback baseball.